On these pages I have photo's and some history on the antique trolley cars that I lived in while growing up. Living in three trolley cars was a unique experience, although I didn't realize it at the time. My family was always a little different so moving into three antique trolley cars didn't seem strange at all. Before we moved into the trolley cars we lived in two trailer houses hooked together in an L shape in Tarrant Co., Texas.

On the history pages I have shared some history of the three trolley cars. The restoration link will take you to the T page where they have information and photos of the trolley's restoration progress. That link takes you off my site so just use your back button to return here.

Before you leave be sure to look at my photo gallery with photos from when we lived there to some of the restored cars. The background photo on these pages is a picture of one of the trolley cars taken back in the 1930's before my family owned them.

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